[Wine] Config questions and install apps questions

ben at caresweb.com ben at caresweb.com
Sat Oct 8 19:41:10 CDT 2005


Just installed from source 20050930. I have a few question:

1. When istalling an app: wine VideoReDoPlus-2-1-1-413.exe

I get the error: "File exists. Code 80" and the program aborts.
I have cleaned all folders from the drive_c but the problem persists.

Originally I installed wine from the RPM and was able to install the
app but had a problem with a missing DLL so I decided to build from
source and configured using winecfg.

2. How do you resolve missing DLL's?

3. How do you install DX9? Mine starts and simply locks up the laptop.

4. Is there away to get the wine installation to reconize USB devices?
e.g. I installed WinTV-PVR-USB2 which uses the /dev/video.


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