[Wine] Problems installing Watchguard Firebox System software in wine (installshield)

Kevin Hanser kevin at mica.net
Mon Oct 10 17:35:47 CDT 2005


I am trying to use WINE (20050725-r1 on Gentoo Linux) to install/run 
Watchguard's Firebox Management Software (WFS).  The WFS installer uses 
an installshield installer of course..  I've been looking thru the FAQ, 
wiki, etc and have found info about DCOM98 needing to be installed.  
I've tried a bunch of things so far, and here's where I stand:

First, I tried getting DCOM98 and installing it using that.  However, 
the WFS software doesn't support Windows 98 (only NT, 2k, or XP) so that 
didn't help too much (although it's the furthest the installer ever 
got... only to tell me that it wouldn't continue :).

Since then, I've been trying to get the proper DCOM dll's from a Windows 
2000 (server) computer that I have.  I've copied ole32.dll, 
oleaut32.dll, rpcrt4.dll and comctrl32.dll from my Windoze 2k Server to 
over to Wine, and used the regsrv32 program to register them.
(by the way, am I supposed to put them in system or system32?  Currently 
I have them in system32, with symlinks pointing to the system dir....)

Then I try to run the setup program w/the following command:
WINEDLLOVERRIDES="ole32,oleaut32,rpcrt4=n" wine 
/download/watchguard/WFS73s.exe /setup

But that just gives me the error:

The InstallShield Engine (iKernel.exe) could not be launched. (0x800768e4)

I've found similar errors in the Wiki, but not w/that error code that 
I'm getting.  Does anyone know what 0x800768e4 would mean..?

I also tried this command (which I found in the wiki):
WINEDLLOVERRIDES="ole32=n,b;oleaut32=n,b;rpcrt4=n,b" wine 
/download/watchguard/WFS73s.exe /setup

but it does the same thing, dies with the same error message... :(

I'm kinda stumped as to what to try next...



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