[Wine] bug with tabs

Molle Bestefich molle.bestefich at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 09:16:47 CDT 2005

theUser BL wrote:
> >I think it would be very nice if you could track down the patch that
> >ruins painting for IBasic and create an entry in bugs.winehq.org.
> >There's instructions how somewhere in the Wine docs, I can find them
> >if you want to give it a shot :-).
> I think it would be better,
> if anybody other doing it.

Well, people are busy.
I don't think anybody is going to do it.

> I have no idea,
> how to do that.

I'd do it like this:
1. Download + Install Subversion
2. Since the bug appears in 20050930 but not 20050211, I'd check out
something in between - there's 231 days, so say 20050606.  Run: svn
checkout --revision "{2005-06-06}"
svn://wine-svn.troy.rollo.name/wine/wine/trunk wine-svn
3. CD into wine-svn and run ./configure then 'make depend' then 'make'
then 'make install'.
4. Test if your app works.

If it works, adjust the date forward by 50% of the days in between
(say, 57 days, after the first iteration).
If it doesn't work, adjust the date backwards by 50%.
Then run 'svn update --revision "{...date...}", and go to step 3.

With 231 days in between, you will do a maximum of 8 iterations, then
you'll have your bug pinpointed to a day.  There's usually ~50 ?
patches a day, so you'll want to list them:
svn log --quiet --revision "{2005-06-06}:{2005-06-07}" lists patches
from 2005-06-06.
Pick a patch in the middle and run (example) svn update --revision
20664 (the correct number will be in the output of the 'log' command

Iterate a few times more and you'll soon have the exact patch that
breaks things.

Then it's time to go ask the developers what's going on.

Or look at the log entry with svn log --revision XXX and go ask the
guy that's mentioned in the log entry what the devil he was thinking.

> I have no experience
> with bugzilla and so on.

Fair enough, I loathe Bugzilla (or it's web interface, or WineHQ's
setup, or whatever), so I understand :-).  No problem though, Dan's
being a nice guy, he's done it for you =).

(Do remember that this is not a commercial product, you haven't paid
for it and nobody really owes you any hard work because you found a

> And I am not so often in the internet, to doing this.

Well, not being on the internet would be a problem.
You could ask Troy to zip up the SVN (either a couple of database
files or ~23.000 revision files, depends..), dump 'em in a directory
on your local pc and run 'svnserve --daemon .' in that directory. 
Then you'd be able to take a brisk walk back and forth in Wine
versions without being on the 'Net.

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