[Wine] bug with tabs

theUser BL theuserbl at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 20 07:10:00 CDT 2005

Sorry, that I answer so late, but I am not so often in the internet.
Yesterday I have now also downloaded 20050628 and 20050725. Older versions 
are not on sourceforge.

> > I have no idea,
> > how to do that.
>I'd do it like this:
>1. Download + Install Subversion

I have at home no internet connection. And in an int6ernetcafé it is not 

>2. Since the bug appears in 20050930 but not 20050211, I'd check out
>something in between - there's 231 days, so say 20050606.  Run: svn
>checkout --revision "{2005-06-06}"
>svn://wine-svn.troy.rollo.name/wine/wine/trunk wine-svn

The bug with the text on the beginning window is already in 20050628.

But the bug with the duplicated text in the editor is _not_ in 20050628, but 
in 20050725.

>3. CD into wine-svn and run ./configure then 'make depend' then 'make'
>then 'make install'.

I have a 64bit Linux on my computer. And Wine is 32bit. So I can only 
compile to 64bit programs.
Running 32bit programs is possible, but not compiling.
Ok, it _is_ possible to comüpile it ("gcc -m32 -o program programc") or so. 
But it needs special options. It is not the same like compiling it on 32bit 


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