[Wine] Managed windows

Robert Jonkman yeahtuna at lansound.com
Mon Oct 17 03:29:30 CDT 2005

I find that for most applications, having managed="Y" is best, but for
some applications I'd like to be able to launch them managed="N".  I've
been googling and it seems that in the past this was possible with a
command line parameter, but it seems that this is no longer available.
I'm using the 20050524 (i think) version of wine.  Is there anyway for
me to launch certain application in an unmanaged mode while leaving the
default setting to managed?  In particular, I want to be able to run
jack_fst in the unmanaged mode.  Does anyone have a solution for me?

I thought perhaps I could write a script to launch windows applications.
I'd make it so I could swap the config file and restart the wine server.
Is there a way to restart the wine server from the command line?  Will I
have to be root to do such a thing?  Does anyone have any ideas?  Thanks

.rob out

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