[Wine] Managed windows

Holly Bostick motub at planet.nl
Mon Oct 17 05:21:01 CDT 2005

Robert Jonkman schreef:
> I find that for most applications, having managed="Y" is best, but 
> for some applications I'd like to be able to launch them managed="N".
The 'opposite' setting to Managed=Y is not Managed=N, but
Desktop=XXXxYYY (resolution). Not too surprising, since if you don't
want the application to tell Wine how to display it (as it would if it
was Managed), you have to tell Wine how to display it (by setting the
size of the 'pretend' desktop window that you want the application to
appear in).

> I've been googling and it seems that in the past this was possible 
> with a command line parameter, but it seems that this is no longer 
> available. I'm using the 20050524 (i think) version of wine.

I think the configuration file was removed in the 20050624 version, and
200505xx still had one.

wine --version in a terminal will tell you for sure what version you're
using. If it is less than 20050930 (curent), you amy want to upgrade.

> Is there anyway for me to launch certain application in an unmanaged 
> mode while leaving the default setting to managed?  In particular, I 
> want to be able to run jack_fst in the unmanaged mode.  Does anyone 
> have a solution for me?

Yes, the config file has been functionally replaced by a utility called


What you want to do is run that in a terminal and use it to set what is
called a 'per-application default' setting (a specific setting that
applies to a specific application being run with Wine, rather than all
of them).

You would do this by

- running winecfg in a terminal to start the utility;

- On the first tab (Applications), click the 'Add Application' button
and browse to your application's *.exe to select it, then click OK to
add it to the list at the top of the winecfg tab. Make sure to then
select it in that list, so that it is highlighted. This makes it clear
that you are now configuring that application only (the titlebar will
change to 'Wine Configuration for YourApp.exe').

- Then go to the 'Graphics' tab, and check "Emulate a virtual desktop',
then set the resolution for the desktop window you want to use. I
suggest one or more sizes smaller than your normal desktop resolution;
if your normal desktop is 1024x768, then set the desktop to 800x600 or
smaller, depending on what settings the application itself will accept.

- Use the OK button to save the settings and close winecfg.

That's it. winecfg does not reproduce all the functionality of the
config file, but the most important settings (per-application defaults
and dlloverrides), it does.

But isn't jack_fst a Linux native program? Native programs are
unaffected by Wine settings, since they are not run with Wine (which is
itself a native Linux program).

Any settings you want to change in winecfg should apply to the
native Windows application that perhaps *uses* jack_fst, but any
settings applying to jack itself should be made in the Jack
configuration files.

> I thought perhaps I could write a script to launch windows 
> applications. I'd make it so I could swap the config file and restart
>  the wine server. Is there a way to restart the wine server from the
>  command line?  Will I have to be root to do such a thing?  Does 
> anyone have any ideas?

It's always a good idea to kill the wineserver and any leftover wine
processes if a program has crashed, but you want to run Wine again
(because you changed the settings in the hopes of fixing it or whatever).

You don't have to be root to do this, as wine is a user process, and the
user is allowed to stop his/her own processes.

In a terminal, run

killall -9 wine
killall -9 wineserver
killalll -9 wine-preloader

to make sure all wine-related processes are stopped before attempting to
run Wine again, as leftover failed processes can often prevent a program
from running when it once has failed, even if you changed your settings
so that it now *should* run (the previous processes interfere with the
current/new process).

Hope this helps,


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