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Tue Oct 25 09:43:58 CDT 2005

> Hi everybody! I'm a brand new Wine user. I'm trying
> to set it up using 
> winetools-212jo. But it says right at the start my
> version of Wine 
> (20050930) is not support. Should I worry about it?
No this is the best wine version to use.
> Anyway, I've a dual boot system (Linux and WinXP).
> How can I set Wine up 
> so it "sees" my Windows partition (NTFS, supported
> by my 
> kernel) and use the programs currently installed in
> that partition?
That can be done by mounting your ntfs drive in a
folder under your linux filesystem then linking your
Program Files folder to your ~/.wine/drive_c/Program
Files folder. I do not believe this is a good idea for
several reasons. First off. NTFS write support in
linux does not work well at all. With the kernel
drivers writing is limited to files that are the same
# of blocks of storage and that are not compressed or
encrypted. You can not copy or make new files. With
the captive driver (which uses your windows dlls) it
crashes frequently reverting your filesystem back to
some old state. 

It is far better to copy the programs you need to use
into your ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files folder.
> Also, when Winetools-212jo is downloading Arial TTF
> it gets stuck in 3%. 
I have not done this in a few weeks but the last time
I tried it worked. One thing to worry about is that
msft has taken steps to make it more difficult to
download windows components to wine. If you try to
directlty download IE (this used to be easy) it now

> DCOM98 doesn't installs (I'm running WinXP) 
This is because DICOM98 is for Win98 or less.

> and how
> can I create a 
> Desktop link to given application installed in
> Windows?
Use wineshelllink

> Thanks!
Your welcome,

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