[Wine] Help config Wine!

Gustavo Tomazi Ludwig gtl.linux at gmail.com
Tue Oct 25 04:37:39 CDT 2005

Hi everybody! I'm a brand new Wine user. I'm trying to set it up using 
winetools-212jo. But it says right at the start my version of Wine 
(20050930) is not support. Should I worry about it?

Anyway, I've a dual boot system (Linux and WinXP). How can I set Wine up 
so it "sees" my Windows partition (NTFS, supported by my 
kernel) and use the programs currently installed in that partition?

Also, when Winetools-212jo is downloading Arial TTF it gets stuck in 3%. 
DCOM98 doesn't installs (I'm running WinXP) and how can I create a 
Desktop link to given application installed in Windows?


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