[Wine] Fonts and windows problem

Kryol okrg at ukr.net
Thu Oct 27 01:38:15 CDT 2005

I have an application designed in our organization.  
This application worked fine under wine-20050310.  
Later the problem appears.  
I set up wine-20050930 by default (no additioanal settings). Invoke application. First window 
appears and waits something. I press Ctrl-C. The window "Control-C hit" appears. I click OK. The 
application switches to second window (Logo) and to normal mode (but without some cyrillic 
Next I copy ttf fonts to fonts directory, invoke program again. I have same first window, but after 
Ctrl-C windows above does not appear and program doesn't work. 
I have this problem with some another applications too. So, we have a waiting state before 
switch to another window. 
How to resolve. I repeat - I haven't this problem under wine 20050310. 

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