[Wine] Re: Problem with strings in Delphi Program

Jonathan Ernst Jonathan at ErnstFamily.ch
Thu Oct 27 04:40:08 CDT 2005


What version of Wine are you using ?

If you are using Wine 0.9 you should report this bug in bugzilla with
preferably a small test app (source and binary) and it would be fixed
faster I think.


Le jeudi 27 octobre 2005 à 09:42 +0200, Yves Glodt a écrit :
> Hello,
> I tried to run a program written in Delphi in wine and it ran quite 
> perfectly, but sadly there was one important detail that made using it 
> impossible...
> It seems that wine has a problem with the text inputs (edits). They are 
> "string" datatypes (8 bit ansi string), and not null terminated.
> The problem was showing itself e.g. at the login form of the program.
> The password I typed had 4 characters, but wine added some characters to 
> the end of the 4 chars, which seemed to come from other strings in the 
> form. To be more wordy:
> The form has 2 labels (user and pass) and 2 string fields:
> User: _____
> Pass: _____
> We added a writeln that printed out the typed password on the 
> commandline, and saw that my password (which was "test") was printed as
> "testPass".
> The characters added at the end of the string seemed to change randomly, 
> but often came from other strings found in the program...
> What could I do to resolve this problem?
> Thanks and best regards,
> Yves
Jonathan Ernst <Jonathan at ErnstFamily.ch>

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