[Wine] Re: Internet Explorer and wine 20050930

Olive olive.lin at versateladsl.be
Mon Oct 31 07:53:49 CST 2005

Giulio Ferro wrote:
> I've managed to install Internet Explorer 6 using wine-sidenet-config, 
> since
> it won't work just by type "wine ie6setup.exe". I had to copy the fonts to
> c:\windows\fonts from a  working windows installation, otherwise you won't
> see the characters.
> The problem now is that ie can't reach sites like www.google.com. I've read
> that you should install dcom98 before that, but you won't be able to do 
> that because
> this version of wine identifies itself with windows nt.
> Any workaround?
> Apart from this problem, I'm really puzzled at the poor usability of 
> this software.
> I mean, programs like Internet Explorer should be the first thing that 
> developers
> should make sure to be workable. The fact that just typing "wine 
> ie6setup.exe" yields
> an error gives a really bad impression on this software as a whole. I 
> know that the
> developers aren't working for money, but if they are doing this they 
> should first
> concentrate on making a stable core of basic programs to work (IE, 
> outlook, office), before
> giving thought to other applications.
> No offence meant for anybody.

Although I think I cannot complain because wine is free; and moreover I 
don't want to offense anybody. I must say that I agree with you about 
the unusability of wine. I have tried to install ie6, wordview and 
although I see succefull report that these apps should work, it never 
works for me (the ie6setup crash, wordview 2003 open a word document but 
crash a few second after opening it). There is a commercial version of 
wine (crossover http://www.codeweavers.com) where supported applications 
reallly works (not every applications works, but if an application is 
said to be working, it really works; which is far to be the case for 
wine). What I don't understand is that I think that all change made by 
codeweavers to the wine libraries are covered by the LGPL licence, so I 
ask the question why wine can't just work as good as crossover.


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