[Wine] Re: Internet Explorer and wine 20050930

dan hentaidan at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 09:48:08 CST 2005

Have you tred IEs 4 linux?


IEs for Linux is a simple Bash Script program that installs Internet
Explorer 6, 5.5 and 5 on Linux using Wine. The whole process is
automatic and very easy.

The only problem I had was the long download time...! IE6, 5.5, and 5
all work fine, no problems at all.

On 31/10/05, Olive <olive.lin at versateladsl.be> wrote:
> What I don't understand is that I think that all change made by
> codeweavers to the wine libraries are covered by the LGPL licence, so I
> ask the question why wine can't just work as good as crossover.
> Olive

If wine worked as good as crossover, crossover would be out of
business. And I dont think they put all their changes back into wine;
if they do why would they publish a list of contributions?



P.S. after (how many?) years wine has finally gone Beta. repeat beta!


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