[Wine] Using IR port in Wine

Holly Bostick motub at planet.nl
Sat Sep 10 06:50:23 CDT 2005

Joaquín Fernández schreef:
> Hi... i have a PDA and i sinchronize it in windows using my IR port. 
> I would like to know if i can use a IR port in wine and how can i 
> assign a COM port in wine.

OK, it's not that I know the answer to your question, nor that I have a
PDA, or that you --in a perfect world-- "shouldnt" be able to use Wine
for this, but... you are aware that there are several native Linux
programs designed for syncing a PDA, yes?

The point being that Wine is not currently capable of replicating all
Windows functions, or running all Windows programs, but on the other
hand, it doesn't have to be, because Linux itself does (or has programs
that do, hopefully) what you need. Wherever possible, I advocate using
native programs and taking the load off Wine. After all, if you're going
to run only Windows programs under Linux, you might as well just run

That said, if there is some reason that you have to use a Windows
application to sync your unspecified PDA, it would help to know 1) what
type of PDA is involved, 2) what application you are trying to use (all
Wine does is run Windows applications, so there must be one involved) to
sync, 3) what errors you are encountering, 4) what version of Wine you
are using, and 5) under what distribution you are using Wine.

As for how to assign COM ports, in older versions of Wine (prior to May
2005), you could assign them in your ~/.wine/config, but now that the
config is gone, I see that winecfg does not allow you to congfigure them
directly. This may be a lack in winecfg, but is more likely an
indication that Wine reads the 'normal' Linux config of any existing COM
ports and uses that (which makes sense). Such normal config (as well as
enabling the use of infared), seems to be generated by the kernel, so if
such support is not there enabled, I don't think you'll get very far
with either native Linux sync applications, or Wine.

Hope this helps,

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