[Wine] Re: problem with small fonts

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Sun Sep 11 12:48:28 CDT 2005

Dennis wrote:
> Hey,
> I'm having the same problem and found no solution. Please let me know anyone if
> they find an option to increase font sizes!

The Wine font mechanism is something like this; if no truetype fonts are 
found in c:/windows/fonts, then Wine uses fonts from your Linux font 
server (xfs). If any truetype fonts are found in c:/windows/fonts, then 
Wine uses ONLY those fonts.

So what generally happens is that when Wine is first installed, it is 
using fonts from xfs, and everything works fine. Then you install some 
application which installs a font into c:/windows/fonts, and suddenly 
without you being aware of it, all applications now only use those 
installed fonts. Because the only fonts now available are those 
installed by the new application, other applications are only able to 
use those. And when trying to figure out what font to substitute, Wine 
sometimes makes a poor size choice for <mumble> reason.

So a couple of possible fixes. First, if you have a Windows machine 
around, you can just copy over all the TrueType fonts from it to your 
Wine machine. Or you can point Wine to find any additional truetype 
fonts you have on your machine (it is some registry entry that I forget).

Also, if building Wine yourself, Wine now comes with a set of fonts. 
However, they are only built and installed if you have both freetype and 
fontforge installed.

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