[Wine] MS-Java programs in Wine

Cláudio Sampaio patola at gmail.com
Thu Sep 15 13:18:36 CDT 2005


I am new to this list and I am sorry if this is not very on-topic. But
I need to run an java program in Wine. Why a java program?

Well.. It happens that HP Openview Service Desk is written in java but
uses com.ms.wfc.* extensions, that is, Windows Forms extensions.

I have tried to install MS-JVM which I got from the net into wine. It
wouldn't install.
J2SE5.0 installed OK, but wouldn't run the program because it lacks
the MFC extensions.

Has anyone ever succeeded to run MS-JVM programs in Wine? If so, how?
BTW, there's also an e-learning MS-Java applet that I need to run in
Linux. Do I need a special wine version?

Thanks for any help!

Best regards,
Patola (Cláudio Sampaio) 
http://linuxfud.org - o TIRA-TEIMA dos ataques ao software livre!

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