[Wine] Re: Error compiling Wine on Mac OS X 10.4

Svante Tidholm svante at demonbox.com
Mon Sep 19 13:31:23 CDT 2005

Thanks for clearing this up, and sorry for asking stupid questions.

The fact that the latest binary release of Darwine was over a year  
old just made me think that "everyone" was running CVS builds... Sorry.


19 sep 2005 kl. 19.27 skrev Holly Bostick:

> Svante Tidholm schreef:
>> Please be more specific. Why? The information on
>> http://darwine.opendarwin.org/ tell's me it's possible, if I've
>> understood it correct?
>> /Svante
> It would appear that you haven't read all of the documentation on the
> darwine site, then:
> From the FAQ:
> Is the Darwin/Mac OS X release of Wine currently able to run Windows
> executable (.exe)?
> No. We are currently working on integrating an x86 emulator in wine in
> order to run Win32 exe on a PowerPC Box. But on Darwin-x86 a  
> Win32 .exe
> should run within wine with a limited effort.
> From the User Guide:
> Currently Darwine consists in a Mac OS X port of Wine, which includes
> Xcode support, and Finder integration. You can download it here.
> ("here" being http://darwine.opendarwin.org/download.php )
> The Darwine project aims to run Windows Application on Mac OS X, in  
> the
> near future.
> Wine itself does not compile or run on PPC architecture (we'll see  
> what
> happens when Apple goes to the Intel architecture). This
> is why there's a separate porting project, after all.
> From the Wine FAQ:
> What do I need in order to use Wine?
> 3.1. Under what hardware platform(s) and operating system(s) will
> Wine(Lib) run?
> Wine is being developed specifically to run on the Intel x86 class of
> CPUs under certain UNIXes that run on this platform. Winelib  
> however is
> capable of porting the Windows applications source code to other
> platforms also, not only x86.
> Thus running Windows binaries on other platforms (e.g. Mac OS X on
> PowerPC) using just Wine is not possible. You would have to either run
> Wine in an emulated x86 environment or take the Windows application
> source code and recompile it using Winelib.
> These are the platforms supported by Wine. Winelib support for other
> platforms keeps evolving, so it's not specifically listed here.
> ----
> Mac OS X / Darwin: The Darwine is currently working on porting Wine to
> the Darwin/x86 platform. Their goal is to eventually make it  
> possible to
> run x86 Windows applications on Darwin/PPC and then Mac OS X by  
> using Bochs.
> You need to use the Darwine binary, available from the Darwine  
> download
> page. Dunno why, since it is apparently not able to run Windows
> executables. But I would imagine that if there's more information  
> to be
> found as to what Darwine is capable of at this time, the folks on the
> darwine-devel mailing list
> (http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?forum=darwine-devel)  
> would
> be the people to ask.
> Hope this helps.
> Holly


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