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André Carvalho acarvalho at abordo.com.br
Mon Sep 26 08:24:25 CDT 2005

Usually Gentoo uses the last tarball, but you have to at least once a 
week update the portage tree using

emerge sync

Also to use a non stable version of wine on Gentoo, you have to add a 
line in /etc/portage/package.keywords

app-emulation/wine ~x86

This should do it, after emerge -u -D wine you will have the lastest 
wine installed.

André Carvalho

Dan Kegel wrote:

>On 9/25/05, Mark Knecht <markknecht at gmail.com> wrote:
>>1) I run Gentoo. Is installation through portage OK for this task, or
>>do you feel it very important to install from a tarball?
>Portage is probably ok as long as it's as up to date as
>the latest source tarball.  i.e. if the latest source tarball
>is 20050823, but portage is stuck on 20050615, you probably
>want to go with the source tarball.  I'll update the web page
>after I figure out good wording.
>>2) I happen to be typing this back on an AMD64 machine that has
>>Wine-20050725 installed, but I do not know if Wine is really supported
>>on a 64-bit machine running a 64-bit kernel. What are the issues here?
>>Emulation libraries? Other things which are Windows related? I don't
>>know. Please give guidance. I do have a much slower 32 bit machine
>>which is available to do this work.
>It depends.  You should be able to run a 32 bit version of
>Wine just fine as long as your system has support for
>32 bit apps in userland.  (Debian doesn't, but most 64 bit distros do.)
>So try the 64 bit system first, it might just work.
>- Dan
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