[Wine] Wine not properly loading config file

phil lemelin phil.lemelin at gmail.com
Mon Sep 26 14:15:50 CDT 2005

I'm starting with wine. I've been playing with an older version from 2003
and just ugraded to the Wine version : 20050524.
I'm using RedHat 9 at the moment.

I'm trying to change the resolution and drives in Wine, but for some strange
reason, every changes I make in the ~/.wine/config file are not reflecting
in wine.
I naturally verified if I had any wineserver running in the background.
Nothing. I'm trying to swtich the 640x480 resolution to 800x600. So I
modified the " "Desktop" = "640x480" " to this line " "Desktop" = "800x600"
". Nothing happens to the resolution when I load wine and notepad, i'm still
at 640x480.
Even weirder, if I take the config file and rename it to another name like
config.test, Wine load without any problem (still at 640x480)
I tried searching for all config files on my system and renamed or changed
the value to 800x600, nothing. Same thing happens when I change the value
for the disc drive... /.wine/drive_c/windows or /.wine/ will make the drive
C appear at /.wine/drive_c .....

I need my apps, wordviewer, excelviewer, etc to load at full screen. It was
easy to do with my old version but now, It seems I cant do it.
I hope someone has a clue and can point me somewhere because i'm kinda lost

Philippe-Alexandre Lemelin
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