[Wine] How to use alias interface ?

JEBs JEBs at shbe.org
Fri Sep 30 18:31:49 CDT 2005


I'm using wine since a couple of years for a private Diablo game server.

Now, while installing a new server I've a problem where neither the 
Wine-Doc nor the Wine-Faq or Google could help me in any way.
My problem with the new server is that I need to configure (or better 
restrict) my wine to use my alias-interface instead of the primary one.

I already found the following stuff in the configs:

;; Use the DNS (Unix) host name always as NetBIOS "ComputerName" 
(boolean, default "Y").
;; Set to N if you need a persistent NetBIOS ComputerName that possibly 
;; from the Unix host name. You'll need to set ComputerName in
"UseDnsComputerName" = "N"

but setting this to the machine-name of my alias-interface hasn't really 
helped me (The application took the new machine-name, but still took the 
IP from the primary-Interface).

Is there any way to tell wine somewhere, not to use the primary 
interface or that IP ?


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