[Wine] winecfg not creating ~/.wine/config file

Jörn Rink j.rink at freenet.de
Wed Apr 5 02:00:16 CDT 2006

Am Tue, 28 Mar 2006 13:43:06 +0200
hat Florian Engelhardt <flo at dotbox.org> (Florian Engelhardt) folgendes

> Hello,
> after a fresh install, wine 0.9.10 wont start while giving the
> following errors:
> flo at HAL2000 ~ $ wine
> can't create key_t for shm: No such file or directory
> wineserver: chdir /home/flo/.wine : No such file or directory
> winecfg also wont start:
> flo at HAL2000 ~ $ winecfg
> wine: creating configuration directory '/home/flo/.wine'...
> Can't open configuration file /home/flo/.wine-Btgcy6/config
> wine: wineprefixcreate failed while creating '/home/flo/.wine'.

as i read the fucking manual on the winehq page correctly, the config
file has no need in wine since wine ..., i do not now.

Wine put all things in user.reg and system.reg, and user the .config
only for the dosdevices directory.

What you need is write access to your windows system directoy, i make
chmod 777 to have no discussions with wine.

One tip, when you stop wine, or winecfg and change something in the
config, make sure that no wineserver or wine process is running,
because IMHO the new configs will not be used untill you do kill all
wineserver and wine processes running in backround.

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