[Wine] Observations regarding recent versions of Wine

James E. Lang jelly at lang.hm
Fri Apr 21 16:08:05 CDT 2006

I use Wine to run Pegasus Mail (PM) v4.31 on my SuSE 9.3 distribution of Linux. 
It looks like some fine progress has been made in the development of Wine 
during the past couple of months but I have not been able to take advantage of 
it. The last version of Wine that I have been able to make work reasonably well 
in support of PM is 0.9.8.

Wine 0.9.9 and Wine 0.9.10 both sent a signal to PM to terminate when it closed 
a new message composition window. I cannot determine whether this has been 
solved in Wine 0.9.11 or Wine 0.9.12 due to other developments mentioned below. 
What I *have* determined is that starting with Wine 0.9.10 there is a new child 
process running "explorer.exe /desktop". This process did not exist in any of 
the versions I have checked prior to Wine 0.9.10 and I don't know what it is 
supposed to accomplish.

Starting with Wine 0.9.11 PM appears to be running in the background as I am 
unable to see it on the screen but by watching a process list I can see the 
level of activity that I would expect during startup. It also does not appear 
on the task list. I *do* find it on process lists.

This brings me to one of two other observations regarding Wine 0.9.12. The Wine 
client processes no longer show "wine-preloader" as the command but rather the 
name of the .exe file that is being run. That is probably a good change.

The other observation regarding Wine 0.9.12 is that without any notice (at 
least none that I've seen) the output generated by "wine --version" now goes to 
stdout instead of stderr which is where it used to go. I think that is a good 
move though it would have been nice if it had been noted in release 

Does anyone have any insight as to how to get this application to display on 
the screen? Until this is resolved I'm stuck with using Wine 0.9.8.


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