[Wine] Re: Re-proposal: web forums

Philippe A. futhark77 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 22 13:08:59 CDT 2006

> >* ... What else?
> >
> How about the ability to post/read/respond to messages even when you're
> not at your own computer?  Many people on Yahoo Groups, for instance,
> don't even have a computer at home and access their groups from works or
> library computers.  To my mind, this is probably the most important
> advantage a forum has over an email list.

Are Yahoo Groups allowing to access regular newsgroups? Supposing it is,
making Wine's mailing a newsgroup would make it accessible through that
service and others (ex Google Groups). I haven't used that feature, but I
know Google Groups allows to rate posts with 1-5 stars.

I'm not an heavy newsgroup user, so I'll leave it to you to find
disadvantages of using that approach.
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