[Wine] IE stopped working after update

Joris Huizer jorishuizer at planet.nl
Wed Apr 26 05:22:36 CDT 2006

Daniel Skorka wrote:
>>So I installed ies4linux but that did nothing at all.
> If the above statement by "somebody" is true, ies4linux can do nothing
> about it.
> Daniel

In fact, ies4linux installed in a seperate directory, under ~/.ies4linux
you'll find the directories ie5, ie55, ie6; remove/rename the current 
~/.wine and copy/move/link any of those to ~/.wine, and you can run the 
selected IE version

I tried it yesterday as it was mentioned here; at least IE6 works fine
(couldn't get the way of the appdb working in current wine; it worked 
before without problems, though I don't really know what went wrong last 
time I tried - maybe the howto needs some updating)



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