[Wine] Re: Problem with app that wants to start a new instance of it self

Daniel Skorka skorka at gmx.net
Sat Apr 29 08:14:32 CDT 2006

lennart.petersson at gmail.com wrote:
> But it does not work and instead there is an message saying that there
> already is an instance of this app running on the machine. Exact same
> message do i get if i try to start the very first poker.exe file twice.
> Of course this works ok with windows. Looks like wine solves opening
> the second window by starting a new instance.

I don't think so. A new window is just a new window, and is something
wine has been able to do for ages. I guess that either your app is doing
the whole new window thing in a very weird way, or there is a bug in the
way wine presents information about other running processes.

> The app is the poker client from Svenska Spel.

Can you give a link to a free download of this client?


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