[Wine] Re: running dBase app with wine

sebas22 nospam at x.invalid
Sat Apr 29 18:23:52 CDT 2006

On Tue, 25 Apr 2006 13:52:14 +0200, "Mrkljus" <aposdi at brbr.hr> wrote:

>I have a problem running dBase application with wine. Is there any solution 
>I can try with?
>Has anyone succeeded to run dbu.exe with wine, for example...

Use xHarbour ( open source : www.xharbour.org , commercial version :
www.xharbour.com which use the open source compiler plus comercial
addons), it's multiplataform (DOS, win32, *nix, OS/2)  and 99% clipper
compatible, so you can compile-link smoothly dbu in a linux native

There is an active news server on news://news.xharbour.org

Another open source solution is harbour, www.harbour-project.org
(xharbour is a fork of harbour)

Another one, but not free is flagship


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