[Wine] Re: SUSE 9.1 wine 0.9.12 problem

Daniel Skorka skorka at gmx.net
Sun Apr 30 06:19:49 CDT 2006

ilija01 at gmail.com wrote:
> I trued starting with a fresh ~/.wine folder, and this is where I
> noticed something strange I gues wine-preloader creates the dos_devices
> directory with all of the supporting files, but the drive_c directory
> contains no files only folders e.g. it has the "Windows" and "Program
> Files " folders with all other subfolders but without eny files.

For the most part, this is correct. The directory tree under ~/.wine is
created by wineprefixcreate (invoked automagically if needed), and the
only files under ~/.wine/drive_c are to be found in windows and
At the moment, my best guess is that somehow several wine installations
got mixed up. Use yast to uninstall any wine packages, remove ~/.wine
and then run the following:
$ find / -iname '*wine*'
If it still finds any files, those might be leftovers from previous


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