[Wine] Re: printing (morphing into upgrade/install)

salmonrushdee bryanlepore at gmail.com
Sun Apr 30 16:41:32 CDT 2006

Daniel Skorka wrote:
> salmonrushdee <bryanlepore at gmail.com> wrote:
> > wine report[s] "no active printers available" then exits.  ...
> What exactly does that message look like? Does it appear in the shell,
> or does a dialog box pop up.

dialog.  it has a wine glass, so i figure its from wine, not
my_application.  thanks for the confirmation - however, i managed to
get it working another way.

> > in the config file, ...
> Do you mean config file as in _wine's_ config file?

i guess so - in .wine/c_drive/config

> You really should try the newest wine then.

see, i'm working towards that but i'd like to keep my working wine
(20040213) at the same time - e.g. put new wine in
/home/username/software/wine-0.9.12  but i figure wine got confused
with libs and all from trying it and experience - am i right in that
life will be enormously simpler with one 'wine'? 


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