[Wine] MATLAB 6.5 under Wine

John McHenry john_d_mchenry at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 2 14:59:59 CDT 2006


I did what you suggested, changed /etc/apt/sources.list and upgraded to:

jack at ubuntu:$ wine --version

Okay. So I tried to re-install from the CD:

jack at ubuntu:/media/cdrom$ wine setup.exe

Microsoft VM
The Microsoft VM is now being installed on your computer
Installing Component: XML Classes

then I get the error:

Java Package Manager:
Unable to install Java packages from
Unknown HRESULT:  (80070002h)

and the terminal displays:

jack at ubuntu:/media/cdrom$ fixme:setupapi:extract_cabinet_file awful hack: extracting cabinet "C:\\windows\\temp\\IXP000.TMP\\javabase.cab"
fixme:wintrust:WintrustAddActionID 0x34fd80 0 0x34fd1c
fixme:setupapi:extract_cabinet_file awful hack: extracting cabinet "C:\\windows\\temp\\IXP000.TMP\\javax86.cab"
fixme:ole:ITypeInfo_fnRelease destroy child objects




James Hawkins <truiken at gmail.com> wrote: On 8/2/06, John McHenry  wrote:
> Hi James,
> You're suggesting that I upgrade Wine from the version available to Ubuntu
> 6.06 (namely, 0.9.9) because of one of the error messages; does that mean
> that previous versions (i.e. 0.9.18 or less) could *not* install from CDROM,
> but that 0.9.18 can?

No, 0.9.9 is missing functionality that you need to install this app,
namely RunSetupCommand and all of advpack, which the latest version of
Wine has.  It's not about running the installer from the CD.

James Hawkins

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