[Wine] USB support in wine for TDK CD/DVD Print Labeller

Ramon Klass tier at p1atin.de
Thu Aug 17 14:33:34 CDT 2006

On Thursday 17 August 2006 10:52, Nick Law wrote:
> Hi
> Does anybody know whether wine works with USB ports or not ?
> The reason I ask is that I'm trying to get the application TDK CD/DVD
> Printer Labeller Software running, the software appears to work except
> for the fact it complains that "The printer is turned off or not
> connected to the computer".
> http://appdb.winehq.org/appview.php?iAppId=3751
> Is there some other layer of software that needs to be installed for USB
> to work ?
> I'm running Suse 9.3 and even without wine KDE doesn't appear to
> ackowledge that  I've plugged a USB device in.  I guess I'm expecting a
> little icon to pop up in the right hand corner telling me I've got new
> hardware, however maybe it doesn't do that ?
> If I use YAST to check out the hardware info, it does see the USB ports
> and it even recognises a casio unclassified device plugged in, so I
> guess it's possibly a wine problem, are there any checks that I can
> perform in wine regarding USB ?
> Nick
hi Nick

wine can use USB printers, but it's not done the way you tried. What you need 
to do is configure cups (the default linux printer daemon, SuSE probably has 
a printer setup tool in some system control panel thing) so it knows your 
printer. As soon as linux knows your printer, wine should aswell

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