[Wine] Pegasus - Crashes on Sending

Geoff Lane bunsen at tesco.net
Sun Aug 27 03:25:32 CDT 2006

I'm running Pegasus 4.31 via the latest version of Wine on Ubuntu's Breezy Badger version.

I've looked at the Wine applications page for bugs etc and Pegasus crashing on sending 
mail is documented.

It shows as bug 1611 and shows as resolved but I cannot fathom out what the resolution is.

My Pegasus appears to run fine except when I press the send button whereupon pegasus 
disappears from my screen and I have to reload, the email is safe in the queued mail 
section and I can then elect to send queued mail which it does fine.

Has anyone found a way round the problem.

Geoff Lane
Welwyn Hatfield Computer Club

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