[Wine] Re: Voice of Japan

Gerfried Mangamaniac at gmx.at
Tue Dec 19 09:13:51 CST 2006


I have another problem with Voice of Japan (beside that the Text to
Speech Engine doesn't work)
How can I enable wine to accept input from SCIM (the Input Method
When I want to write japanese characters into VoJ scim doesnt switch to
japanese Input (I have to write into a normal Linux text editor and then
copy+paste the text into VoJ but thats a little bit circuitous) 

Oh and I have solved the problem that many japanese characters aren't
shown in VoJ: I installed the font aruniupd.exe (The font looks better

I hope anyone can give me an advice how I can get this done 
(advices on getting the TTS Engine to work would be appreciated too ^^ )

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