[Wine] Re: start.exe

iip iip at flashmail.com
Mon Feb 20 23:28:53 CST 2006

Uwe Bonnes wrote:

>>>>>> "iip" == iip  <iip at flashmail.com> writes:
>     iip> Hi All, I try run my batch files under wcmd.exe, but it seem that
>     iip> start.exe is not working, I want to stop the batch file when run
>     iip> other application by use start /wait, but it is not work. Is this
>     iip> already fixed in wine 0.9.8?
> Against what version? On CVS wine, start/start.c has a date stamp
> 2006-02-02. If the changes touch your problem? I don't know...

I just update to the last cvs a few minute ago, and it still have the same

I just create test.bat which contain:

start /w \dosutils\iipw.exe
echo ...1
echo ...2

when I run test.bat from wcmd, it won't wait. batch file just go thru to
line three (echo ...2) and not wait until I close iipw.exe.

is this bug? or am I miss something?



*iipw is some GUI application.

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