[Wine] VB on Linux with Wine

Uwe Bonnes bon at elektron.ikp.physik.tu-darmstadt.de
Sat Jan 7 07:10:01 CST 2006

>>>>> "Raghu" == Raghu  <raghu.jonnalagadda at cmcltd.com> writes:

    Raghu> We have 50 complex applications written in Microsoft Visual 
    Raghu> Basic
    Raghu> 6.0 providing banking solutions. We are seriously thinking of
    Raghu> porting our applications to Linux under WINE. Is it possible 
    Raghu> to do so?

Porting to other X86 processors or really porting to other nixes, like power
PC? In the first case, you can run windows libraries and you don't need the
source for those application, in the latter case you need the source for
_every_ components in your tool chain.

So I guess only case one is possible for you. For this case, porting doesn't
buy you too much, and running the application in wine (the "emulator")
delivers the same (or even more) functionality to the user.

    Raghu> Nature of our VB applications: ------------------------------
    Raghu> 1. Extensively used all controls provided in VB

    Raghu> 2. Total size of our applications is around 2 million lines

    Raghu> 3. Applications are having reference to our own VB COM
    Raghu> components

    Raghu> 4. Extensively used Microsoft Windows API

    Raghu> 5. Used some of our own custom controls written in VB.

    Raghu> 6. Interfaced with Microsoft Technologies like WinWord and
    Raghu> Internet Explorer

    Raghu> 7. Applications access MS-Access, MS SQL Server, Oracle
    Raghu> through ODBC.

    Raghu> 8. There are BAS modules commonly included in all of these
    Raghu> applications.

    Raghu> Can anybody help us in running our applications on Linux?
    Raghu>  How do
    Raghu> I install VB runtime and my applications on Linux-Wine?

Install a recent wine, perhaps also install winetools and all the winetools
recommended MS downloads. Install all the needed prerequisites for your
application (which seem to be big...). Install your application and try to
run it...

Probably some things will go wrong, try to understand what's going on and if
you are at you're wit's end, ask here.

Also think about the needed licenses for all those downloads.

If you want commercial support, there are some offers, e.g codeweavers.

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