[Wine] Problem with WineTools - unexpected identifier

Rainer M Krug rkrug at sun.ac.za
Tue Jan 10 01:37:48 CST 2006

Dear Jopachim

sorry for mailing you directly, but I didn't get any reply from the wine 
mailing list.
Dou you have any ideas how I could solve the problem outlined below?

Thanks a lot,




I try to run WineTools, It starts fine, but when I click any button
(e.g. Basic Setup), it gives me the following message and returns to the
main menu:

ckrug at consecol-ckrug:~> wt
detecting Wine version... done.
Drive C: is /home/ckrug/.wine/drive_c
Wine 0.9.3
wine is executed as wine
Parameters are --noexit
Browser is /usr/bin/firefox.
WINEVER is "0.9.3".
Version of Wine is OK.
Calls to wine are executed as  "wine".
Config is /home/ckrug/.wine/winetools.log.
/home/ckrug/.kde/share/config/gtkrc:37: error: unexpected identifier
`gtk-alternative-button-order', expected keyword - e.g. `style'
/home/ckrug/.kde/share/config/gtkrc:37: error: unexpected identifier
`gtk-alternative-button-order', expected keyword - e.g. `style'
Choice is /home/ckrug/.kde/share/config/gtkrc:37: error: unexpected
identifier `gtk-alternative-button-order', expected keyword - e.g. `style'
Install Windows system software

GTK version is 1.2.10, SuSE 9.3, all updates.

Any help welcome,


Rainer M. Krug, Dipl. Phys. (Germany), MSc Conservation Biology (UCT)

Department of Conservation Ecology
University of Stellenbosch
Matieland 7602
South Africa

Tel:        +27 - (0)72 808 2975 (w)
Fax:        +27 - (0)21 808 3304
Cell:        +27 - (0)83 9479 042

email:    RKrug at sun.ac.za
           Rainer at krugs.de

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