[Wine] InstallShield Setup.exe hang

Mitsuho Iizuka m-iizuka at cp.jp.nec.com
Thu Jan 12 19:56:25 CST 2006


From: Liam Kurmos <quantum_liam at yahoo.co.jp>
Subject: Re: [Wine] InstallShield Setup.exe hang
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006 10:59:29 +0000

> I don't know if it is recommended in 0.95, but have you tried running 
> with a native version of ole32.dll? you mentioned something about it in 
> your first post. To run native you need to copy the file to system32 and 
> run with the command >wine DLLOVERIDES="system32=n" setup.exe (check 
> syntax in 'man wine' ) . You should also be able to do this by running 
> winecfg and making the settings in there; prehaps there is a small 
> chance that some other setting available in winecfg (which are saved in 
> the wine registry) will help with your problem.

I could extract all ap files as one step forward with the
InstallShield according to your advice and a wiki.winehq.org article
as follows.

Now I'm stopping at new audio driver install phase in Setup.exe and
see another wine error. This application is softphone :) Perhaps, no
way to work more.


It seems more dlls will be required rather than one ole32.dll. I don't
know OLE at all, but this mechanism does not seem to be so simple. And
dcom98.com need to be installed on win98.

> >Is it good for me to go to the wine-developper ML about this topic ?
> >
> I think so. You seem to have a good technical knowledge so maybe someone 
> will be able to help you.
> Are you new to wine?


> Sometimes developers respond to problems on this list but probably not 
> all will read all mails. Your mail subject sound like a very common one 
> here, so you might try changing it to something that describes your 
> problem more specifically.

hmm, good advice. thank you.  I don't know well, but InstallShield ole
problem might be very common one here(almost faq?) to be solved in future.

// M. Iizuka m-iizuka at cp.jp.nec.com

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