[Wine] USB ports in Wine

Hiji hijinio at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 14 15:32:28 CST 2006

--- irv <irv at hbci.com> wrote:

> I use devices like GPS' MP3 players, Memory sticks
> etc via the USB port 
> and some need to be sinked to the device via a
> windows program. I have 
> used wine to run many of my windows apps but when it
> comes to accessing 
> the USB port through a win-apps sink programs it
> does not see the USB 
> port. Is there a way to configer the USB port to
> have win-apps see it?
> I also have a win-app running called MP3 Rip and
> Burn by Coffee cup 
> software. It works but it also can't see the CDROM's
> on my system. I 
> have the devices setup in the .wine/dosdevices/.
> This one might because 
> of the way the program looks for the CDROM.

Just a note: USB devices supported by the kernel will
work; this is usually simple stuff like keyboards and
mice.  However, Windows drivers are not supported
within Wine; so, applications that rely on these
specific drivers will keep them from communicating
with the devices.


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