[Wine] HtmlHelp in Wine

=?US-ASCII?Q? =C3=EE=F0=E1=F3=ED=EE=E2 =C8.=C3. ?= igorboun at volgodonsk.ru
Sun Jan 15 07:38:38 CST 2006

James Hawkins wrote:
>On 1/13/06, Igor Gorbounov <igorbounov at topazelectro.ru> wrote:
>> Hi, All!
>> I've tried to invoke a command (using Wine-0.9.5) "wine hh document.chm" and
>> received a message that a Mozilla Active X control is needed, and then this
>> control was downloaded from source.wineHQ.org (Mozilla ActiveX Control
>You have to register itss.dll.
It still complains "it's not a registered protocol".
   Igor Gorbounov

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