[Wine] Re: Font Question

David Lee Lambert lamber45 at cse.msu.edu
Fri Jan 13 19:42:03 CST 2006

David Ronis wrote:

> 2.  The default font (and the font used for things like menu/button
> labels) is very small.  There doesn't seem to be a user setting for this
> in the application, and this seems to be related to wine in that the
> font was much bigger with earlier versions of wine (I use the current
> CVS version of wine).  Is there some way to choose the default
> font/fontsize used for an application?  I've used winecfg (nothing
> relevant there) and regedit (maybe relevant, but as I'm a windows
> ignoramus, I don't know what to change), but couldn't figure out what to
> do. (I have created a windows/fonts directory and linked all my ttf
> fonts there).

Try deleting some of the .TTF files.  For a while Wine programs were all 
coming up with an Arabic font for me,  until I deleted the offending file.

I think that Wine's font-selection code ought to be smarter,  and 
perhaps some day I'll get a chance to fix it...

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