[Wine] joystick in il2 sturmovik and pacific fighters

popux popux2000 at yahoo.fr
Thu Jan 19 13:19:50 CST 2006

this game run perfectly, but i can't make the joystick working
first, my specs : athlon-xp 2600+ , 512mb ddr , geforce fx5700 , gentoo linux
my use flags for wine 0.9.5 : +X +alsa -arts -cups -debug -esd +gif +glut -jack +jpeg +lcms -ldap -nas +ncurses +opengl +oss -scanner +truetype +xml2
i have a cyborg 3d usb

it's detected in linux, it works in native games, with the joydev module
i also tried evdev module

after launching the game, i have this in the console :

DirectX Joystick NOT created: DirectX joystick driver: device not attached
and in the in-game menu, in the input configuration, there is no device detected.

if you have some idea, i ll take them.


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