[Wine] Re: Wine - almost a laugh but really a cry

Philippe A futhark77 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 10 08:39:36 CDT 2006

jhansonxi at gmail.com a écrit :

> Juergen Wiezorek wrote:
> > Whereas previous wine version were at least able to run the game in 2D, this
> > new crap doesn't run it at all, complaining that it doen't find any(!) usabel
> > video mode.
> message because X.org won't let Wine change modes.  Run the K Resize
> and Rotate applet (or anything that lists available modes) and see if
> 640x480 and 800x600 are available.

Oh that's interesting. I had a similar problem installing Diablo 1 on
0.9.16 this week-end. I will try again after changing resolution.

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