[Wine] Re: Do you have Photoshop CS2 working?

Renanr renan.NOSPAM.listas.NOSPAM at gmail.com
Fri Jul 14 01:09:14 CDT 2006

alan.gibson at gmail.com writes:

> Does any one have Photoshop CS2 working? If so, can you please, for the
> benefit of all of us who cant seem to get it going, post detailed
> instructions on what you did?
> After several days of heavy googling ive come up with dozens of "i
> copied some files and registry keys and it worked" comments, but no
> actual instructions on what they did. Im starting to feel like
> Narcissus.
> Ive tried copying the contents of c:\Program Files\Adobe, c:\Program
> Files\Common Files\Adobe, and c:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe
> Systems Shared and the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/software/adobe registry key
> as others have indicated. Photoshop starts but displays an error that
> is something like "your serial number, name or organization is invalid
> or missing" then quits. This is only informed speculation, but I
> presume that this is a problem caused by the license management
> included in CS2; among other things, it apparently relies on the
> Microsoft cryptographic system.

I have got Photoshop CS2 almost running, but when it is ALMOST finished
loading it tells me that "the scratch disk is full".
Thanks, Renan - Canoas, RS, Brazil
LRU #390969: Ubuntu 6.06 / Fedora Core 5 

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