[Wine] com ports

Nikolas Arend Nikolas.Arend at gmx.net
Sun Jul 16 06:08:48 CDT 2006

Ian Couchman wrote:
> That was interesting. SV Pro saw the modem OK. When starting, it gave an 
> "invalid response from modem" message. When it checked the modem, it said it 
> had found a Lucent modem, but the actual modem is a Hayes.
That doesn't mean much, the software just checks which init strings to 
use with your modem and selects the appropriate model. I forgot: under 
wine, SV Pro has certain problems with saving preferences (e.g. your 
modem model and the init string). That is most probably the reason it 
got an invalid response and had to query the modem again when starting 
up. But using SV Pro was just to see if your modem is working at all, so 
don't worry about that...

>  When I tried the 
> dialler, it worked fine, so wine will work with the com port.
So if you can dial out or send faxes, whatever, it's most likely your 
banking software that has a problem with wine (or vice versa). Now you 
could start fiddling with dll-overrides, setting different windows 
versions, and so on. Tedious... ;-)

>  I wonder if the 
> machine has a winmodem installed which is confusing everything? lshw doesn't 
> show one. I will have a look tomorrow ( I am working from home using remote 
> desktop at the moment). Anyone any more suggestions?
> Ian
For a winmodem you would need to install special kernel modules 
(drivers) to make it work, so I'd say the chances that it confuses 
anything are not very high, even if the machine had one.

Good luck,      Nick.

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