[Wine] com ports

Ian Couchman i.couchman at virgin.net
Sun Jul 16 05:14:53 CDT 2006

That was interesting. SV Pro saw the modem OK. When starting, it gave an 
"invalid response from modem" message. When it checked the modem, it said it 
had found a Lucent modem, but the actual modem is a Hayes. When I tried the 
dialler, it worked fine, so wine will work with the com port. I wonder if the 
machine has a winmodem installed which is confusing everything? lshw doesn't 
show one. I will have a look tomorrow ( I am working from home using remote 
desktop at the moment). Anyone any more suggestions?

On Sunday 16 July 2006 10:00, Nikolas Arend wrote:

> You could either try SV Pro 7 or SV 2.6. I'd say get the latter, its
> smaller to download, and this is just to see whether communication with
> your modem on the com port works.

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