[Wine] Re: Problem running Windows Notepad under Wine

Michael Heiming michael+USENET at www.heiming.de
Tue Jul 18 05:23:32 CDT 2006

In comp.emulators.ms-windows.wine Bob Unitt <junk at bobunitt.wanadoo.co.uk>:
> Gentlefolk,

> I need to give someone the ability to create Windows-format text
> documents, which I can then copy (via SMB) to a W2000 machine for
> further processing. I've got the file-sharing up and running, and Wine
> installed and running Windows Notepad OK, but I've hit a snag trying to
> set it up to load Notepad automatically when the file-icon is clicked :-

Why not just use any Linux editor and run the result through
unix2dos and be set?


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