[Wine] a tail of 2 users ?

Dan Sawyer dansawyer at earthlink.net
Sun Jul 23 14:18:06 CDT 2006

The system is FC5 and wine is the latest .17. There are two users 
configured on the system, A and B. They are configured to be as alike as 
possible. Diff of set output shows only the expected differences. Wine 
is built from CVS.

winecfg is configured to the same profile with only the appropriate user 
path names changed.

The problem is wine works well for one of the users and not well at all 
for the second. The second user gets error 2's on freecell cards.dll, it 
gets a read error on a second program, etc. Some programs do run, such 
as sol.exe and notepad.

This is really confusing. Where would I even start to debug this?

Thanks - Dan

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