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Sun Jul 23 17:52:20 CDT 2006

Kazuki Yatsuga wrote:
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>     Subject: Re: [Wine] How to run japanese app with wine
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>     Kazuki Yatsuga < hartzzenen at gmail.com <mailto:hartzzenen at gmail.com>>
>     wrote:
>      > I'm sorry if this has been discussed before but I've searched a
>     lot about it
>      > and couldn't find an answer so here it goes: How can I run japanese
>      > applications with wine? I've tried editing the Fonts section in
>     .wine/config
>      > to use japanese fonts (like jis and watanabe) but the
>     applications only
>      > display weird characters in place of the japanese chars. What do
>     I have to
>      > do so the applications will display correctly japanese text?
>     Thanks for your
>      > help!
>     Since noone seems to know anything certain, I'll give what little advice
>     I have:
>     Try setting up the locale (man locale) for japanese. Make sure this
>     locale is available on your system (exact method depends on
>     distribution). If that doesn't help I'd guess wine isn't quite ready for
>     that yet.
>     Daniel
> Thanks a lot Daniel for your advice! It worked!! Just set up the locale 
> for japanese and wine will display japanese text perfectly. ;)
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On distributions other than your current one, which don't have a easy 
configureation system, you can configure Wine to display Japanese by 
using the LC_ALL enviroment variable. In the United States, set it to 
ja_US, and in Japan, set it to ja_JP.  The reason for the localion 
difference is because programs compensate for the different dialects of 
a language across different nations (think en_US and en_GB, one for the 
US and one for England.)

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