[Wine] No printing possible in wine 0.9.15

Sven Rudolph sven at spaghetticode.de
Wed Jun 14 09:57:25 CDT 2006

Hello Detlef,

thanks for your reply!

> The "lpr" - command must be installed and your Printer must have an
> entry in "/etc/printcap", when CUPS is not used (libcups.so).

lpr is /usr/bin/lpr

/etc/printcap on my server says:

There is no /etc/printcap on my local machine, since there is no printer
connected to my local machine, and no cupsd running (client only). 

I just tried to create a /etc/printcap file with the same content on my
local machine, but I still can't print.

>>   wine: creating configuration directory '/home/sven/.wine'...
>>   To use WINEPS you need to install some AFM files.
> Where is the Problem?
> Simple do it.

All my AFM files are in /usr/share/fonts/Type1, so this can't be the

> You need "gsfonts":
> Fonts for the Ghostscript interpreter(s)
> These are free look-alike fonts of the Adobe PostScript fonts.
> Recommended for all flavors of Ghostscript (gs-gpl, gs-afpl and gs-esp).

I have gnu-gs-fonts-other and gnu-gs-fonts-std installed.

Do I have to install the fonts on my print server too?


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