[Wine] Problesm with an application

Molle Bestefich molle.bestefich at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 04:02:04 CST 2006

Mario A. Cozzuol wrote:
> > As per the article linked to, you need to enable +seh debugging along
> > with any other debugging channels that you think are related, and then
> > backtrace the debug log for the first seh:EXC_RtlRaiseException, and
> > see what comes "immediately" before that.
> Well, I run the WINEDEBUG with the +seh option enabled, but none a single
> seh:EXC_RtlRaiseException appears. All I have is a call to kernell32.dll
> and the remaining are call and ret to ntdll, nothign else...
> This help? Is anithing I can do after that?

I know nothing of SEH, so someone else will have to step up and let us
all know how that can happen.
Sounds very odd to me.

Try +relay, perhaps?..
(You'll need to filter the output aggressively, which is probably
described in the wiki or docs somewhere.)

> Thanks again!

No problem ;-).

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