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f_sophia f_sophia at libero.it
Sun Mar 19 08:34:18 CST 2006

Hi folks...

WineHQ web-site isn't exaustive about "contributing to localized versions of 

"If you're willing to register for work on a certain language, then please 
sign up with us!"

OK... How?

However, I (hopefully) post my work here.
I wrote a WINE-xx/dlls/shell32/shell32_xx.rc in Esperanto and I updated the 
italian one.


Cxar mi ne trovis informigxojn pri kiel kunlabori en i18n (localized versions 
of Wine), esperplene mi provas forsendi mian verkon cxi tie.
Mi skribis Esperantan WINE-xx/dlls/shell32/shell32_xx.rc kaj mi gxisdatigis la 
italan version.



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