[Wine] A day of trying to get something to work

TR tmst at nethere.com
Tue Mar 21 03:08:56 CST 2006

Well, after spending a day of working with trying to install an assortment of 
progams on my Wine installation for SuSe 10.0, I'm giving up. Every time I 
get almost to the point where I think it could be useful, something happens. 
The latest was a complaint at the very end of the extensive install for 
Brittanica encyclopedia, saying something couldn't be found.

Why does everything have to allow you to get to the end before complaining? I 
think it's a ploy by Microsoft agents within the open source community, to 
demoralize the users so they'll either give up or spend more valuable hours 
of their lives futilely trying to escape the Microsoft net. So I say, just 
pay up, and have fun doing something less frustrating. And when Windows 
crashes with all your data, at least you'll have the satisfaction that you 
got to almost completely neglect it up to that point.


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